Anomalous transport phenomena such as sub- and superdiffusion, non-Gaussian probability distributions, aging and dynamical localization form a rapidly growing research area within nonequilibrium statistical physics. Understanding these processes demands for establishing new cross-links between non-Markovian microscopic correlations and unusual statistical properties on macroscopic scales. This requires to combine methods from dynamical systems theory, stochastic processes and disordered systems.

This International Seminar aims at bringing together experimentalists and theoreticians of three different scientific communities working on deterministic transport, stochastic processes and disordered systems. Each discipline forms a rapidly growing research area by itself, however, so far they developed rather independently from each other. More recently, anomalous transport became a central topic in all of these fields.

With this interdisciplinary seminar we would like to motivate experts working at the forefront of research in these fields to look beyond the borderlines of their specific research themes. The meeting will provide a unique opportunity to learn about topics ranging from mathematical foundations of anomalous dynamics to the most recent experimental results in this field. We thus attempt to initiate new cross-disciplinary collaborations between scientists from the above fields and to foster fruitful interactions between theorists and experimentalists working on anomalous transport.

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